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V. Oleschuk*, V. Ermuratskii
Institute of Power Engineering of Moldova,
Academy Str. 5, Kishinau, MD-2028, Moldova,
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In this paper, algorithms of the universal scheme of synchronous multi-zone modulation have been developed and disseminated for adjustment of two neutral-clamped inverters of double-delta-winding system (which is perspective for application in high power variable speed ac drives), providing synchronization and symmetry of waveforms of inverter-side voltage of power transformer for any control modes of operation including regimes with fractional relationship between the switching frequency of inverters and fundamental frequency of system. In this case inverter-side winding voltage of double-delta-winding system has quarter-wave symmetry, and its spectra do not contain even harmonics and undesirable subharmonics. Simulation results show behavior of system with two neutral-clamped inverters controlled by three basic versions of synchronous multi-zone modulation. References 9, figures 5, table 1.
Key words: inverter, ac drive, pulsewidth modulation.

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Received 28.02.2020