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M.P. Tymchenko*, N.М. Fіalko
IInstitute of Engineering Thermophysics, NAS of Ukraine,
Zhelyabov St., 2a, Kyiv-57, 03057, Ukraine,
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It is shown usefulness of using interlinked through “intelligent electric networks (IEN) of apartment power supply systems (PSS) and heat supply systems (HSS) in multi-storey buildings (MSB) as final active consumers of IEN. Daily load curve (DLC) in the winter day of 12.21.2016 and main factors of irregularities of DLC were analysed. The obtained results are compared with data of 12.21.2005. Means of compensation of DLC irregularities with help of transformation of traditional consumers-regulators(as MSB) in active consumers (prosumers) on the base of Smart Grid conception were proposed. Simultaneously functioning and interacting PSS and HSS of MSB are interpreted as parts of multi-agent system of management of large network resources. References 10, figures 2, tables 2.
Key words: Smart Grid, daily load curve, prosumer, heat supply.

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