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V.V. Kuchanskyi
Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Peremohy, 56, Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine,
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Abnormal nonsinusoidal modes are characterized by the appearance of higher harmonics of current and voltage. The distortion of the voltage shape curve in this case is due to the nonlinearity of the magnetization shunts of noloaded autotransformer. In recent years, great attention in the study of electric networks modes has been given to fluctuations in circles with steel. The reason for this is the appearance of complex phenomena on the transmission lines of the extra-high voltage (EHV), such as resonances at frequencies different from the main. In this paper, the attention is paid to the occurrence of overvoltages on even harmonic components caused by the connection of unloaded autotransformer.The work takes into account the degree of influence splitting step of wires and the geometrical distance between phases on the values of abnormal resonance overvoltages in non-sinusoidal operating modes of extra-high voltage power lines. An unloaded autotransformer is the source of even harmonic components, since the operating point is situated on the nonlinear part of the magnetization characteristic. A simulation model was developed to check the possible occurrence of overvoltages in the non-sinusoidal mode. Numerical modeling of electromagnetic commutation processes on the simulation model was used to identify the factors that have the greatest impact on the occurrence of overvoltages, primarily the design features of the power transmission line. The critical values of the line parameters in which the overvoltage rises to the maximum value are found. References 10, figures 5.
Key words: extra-high voltage power lines, abnormal resonance overvoltages, imitation simulation, nonsinusoidal mode, unloaded autotransformer.

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Received 4.10.2018