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O. Sinchuk*, A. Kupin**, I. Sinchuk***, I. Kozakevych****, I. Peresunko*****
Kryvyi Rih National University,
Vitaly Matusevich str, 11, Kryvyi Rih, 50027, Ukraine,
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The urgency of developing the system of automated control of energy flows in conditions of underground mining of iron ore has been shown. The principles of implementing of mentioned approaches based on the use of fuzzy logic have been proposed using previously defined criteria and algorithms of fuzzy control. The simulating of operation of fuzzy controllers in the environment of the MatLab software package has been carried out using two-part and three-part electricity tariffs. The efficiency of fuzzy controlling systems in conditions of single-channel and multi-channel controlling has been proved. The results of the application of various automated fuzzy control strategies in conditions of mining enterprises with underground mining of iron ore using two-rate and three-rate electricity tariffs have been analyzed. Corresponding recommendations for the optimizing of industrial energy consumption have been proposed. References 12, figures 8, tables 4.
Key words: automated control of energy flows, Fuzzy Logic, models, criteria, system, mine.

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Received 28.02.2020