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V.S. Petrushin1*, Y.R. Plotkin2**, R.N. Yenoktaiev1***, A.S. Kyrylenko1****, V. V. Zavolinkovskyi1*****
1- Odesa National Polytechnic University,
Shevchenko av., 1, Odesa, 65044, Ukraine
2- Berlin School of Economics and Law,
Alt Friedrichsfelde, 60, Berlin, 10315, Germany,
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The effectiveness criteria for an adjustable induction electric drive - efficiency is considered. Mathematical modeling of the criterion is carried out both taking into account the slope of the external characteristic of the frequency converter, and without this consideration. A transition has been made from the family of performance characteristics of the efficiency at various control parameters - frequencies of the supply voltage to its adjustment characteristics. The calculation of the criterion in accordance with the operational load mode is proposed. According to this, the criterion is calculated as average in a certain range of speed regulation, or is determined taking into account a given tachogram of speed change. The change in efficiency in transient modes is obtained. The calculation of the criterion during the drive operation is proposed, when the duration of steady-state modes is comparable with the duration of transient modes. The results of mathematical modeling are experimentally confirmed, during which the effectiveness criteria in steady and unsteady modes is determined. It is proved that when using mathematical models, taking into account the slope of the external characteristics of the frequency converter, the error in determining the efficiency of the drive is less than without taking into account. The proposed theoretical definition of the effectiveness criteria can be used in the development of adjustable induction electric drives. References 12, figures 3.
Key words: Adjustable induction electric drive, steady and unsteady modes, effectiveness criteria, efficiency, mathematical modeling, experimental studies.

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Received 28.02.2020